Wamar Engineering provides universal repair and manufacturing of critical parts for global power industries.

Wamar Engineering has the experience and knowledge on hand to assist in many areas, such as:
• Gas Turbine Hot Section Repairs
• Gas Turbine Blades – Manufacturing & Repair
• Gas Turbine Fuel Nozzles – Manufacturing & Repair
• Gas Turbine Rotor Repair & End of Life Inspections
• Gas Turbine Reverse Engineering & Characterization

Wamar Engineering team has in depth knowledge of gas turbine hot section repairs and F class technology. Dedicated to high quality repair of blades and vanes for large gas turbines for power industries worldwide. Delivering the highest quality repaired parts.

All the processes and equipment are available at Wamar Engineering under one roof, as well as the dedication to work 24 hours a day to ensure the shortest delivery time to our customers. As a center of excellence for turbine rotation equipment refurbishment, we provide better value for your service budget by maximizing repair opportunities and minimizing spare parts replacement.

• Switzerland-German based Wamar Engineering has over 35 years of experience.

• Energy Capital is the appointed factory representative for Wamar Engineering for the region