Flender Graffenstaden confidently relies on Energy Capital to service their high speed gear customers in the region.

Steam or gas turbines usually operate at very high speeds (between 10,000 rpm and 25,000 rpm) and consequently require a load gear drive to reduce shaft speeds to match generator working speeds (usually between 1,200 rpm and 1,800 rpm). It is vitally important that high speed load gear drive not only functions reliably but also provides excellent efficiency in converting and transmitting energy. Hence quality servicing and maintenance becomes equally important.

Energy Capital is the appointed regional factory representative for Flender Graffenstaden, a leading manufacturer of high speed gear drives. Based in France,

Flender Graffenstaden boasts 50 years of engineering experience in producing high performance, high speed gears and units for steam, gas, water and nuclear power plants. With more than 8,000 gear sets shipped worldwide, the company is undoubtedly a leading supplier of quality components for power transmission systems.

Energy Capital is the largest Flender Graffenstaden gear set spare parts stockist outside of France. We continuously ensure that we are able to meet urgent requirements for high speed gear drive spare parts among our regional end users.

We have factory-trained engineers to assist end users in gear-related service issues.

Learn more about Flender Graffenstaden and its other services at www.flender-graff.com

• High speed gears are important factors determining efficiency in gas and steam turbine drives

• French-based Flender Graffenstaden has 50 years of experience in manufacturing high speed gear drive

• Energy Capital is the appointed factory representative for Flender Graffenstaden for the region

• Energy Capital is the largest Flender Graffenstaden spare parts stockist outside of France