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Scherzinger Pump Technology provides robust, evenly working fuel distributors

Quality by precision and progress with tradition – for almost 80 years, Scherzinger Pump Technology has kept to this principle. Scherzinger Pump Technology manufactures components for the power generation, automobile, medical and chemical industry. Over the years, the gear pump producer impressed with their technical maturity and durability.

Power Generation

Scherzinger Pump Technology develops and manufactures components for the power supply industry. The products play an important role in the complex power generation processes with the high reliability character.

Flow Divider

Flow Dividers are used in fluid-operated gas turbines. They distribute the supplied fuel current evenly to all combustion chambers of the turbines. In this way, it can help to ensure even combustion. Scherzinger Flow Dividers are designed even for the toughest operating conditions, and achieve a long service life even under critical operating conditions.

An irregular distribution brings the combustion process out of balance and exposes the turbine wheel to extreme stress which can lead to a failure of the entire gas turbine within the shortest period of time.This scenario is not possible with Scherzinger since the design is for the finest precision and robust durability, toughest operating conditions, and achieves a long service life even under critical operating conditions. Scherzinger can provide repair, spare parts, service and maintenance.


Long Service Life

High Quality

Characteristics of SCHERZINGER Fuel Distributors

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